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An elegantly blended Venture and IP development hybrid fund

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Nanotronix is a hybrid Venture and Intellectual Property development fund.

We are passionately looking for business opportunities in areas that unquestionably pose global-scale challenges for the next 20 to 30 years, and strongly believe that SMEs are solely destined to provide disruptive innovation that address rising social necessities, early in the life-cycle of products and technologies.

Our strategy in building successful business, distinctively varies from the one followed by either Venture Capital or IP Portfolio Management companies, combining methods from both.
We invest in teams and ideas set to address global-scale challenges or subcontract the development of key Intellectual Properties, becoming an integral part of a solution and innovation focused ecosystem.


Non-linear Laser Lithography

In successfully controlling the shape, size and spatial positioning of nano-scale structures, lays the future of industrial manufacturing as a whole. Underpinning the semiconductor’s industry, historically unprecedented, growth rates for more than three decades, nano-manufacturing now extends to other industry sectors in evolutionary or disruptive ways.

Since 2012, NanoTronix is actively engaged in developing IP for alternative lithographic technologies. Our goal is to develop state-of-the-art optical manufacturing techniques for planar and 3D nano-geometries.

We target in delivering unprecedented resolution and cost effectiveness by successfully combining innovative light manipulation methods with non-linear laser-matter interaction phenomena.

Markets: Nano Imprint Lithography, Surface Functionalization, Secure nano-printing and Identity Protection, Long Term Data Archiving

Reconfigurable Computing

After Moore’s law slowdown and Multicore Design path proven to give diminishing returns beyond a certain (soon to be reached) core count threshold, Reconfigurable Hardware is the next frontier in Computer Architecture.

Software executing on a General Purpose .vs. Application Specific Hardware is 100x less efficient, so ‘hardwarizing software’ will be a key component in moving beyond Moore and Multicore designs, additionally supported by the advert of The Cloud, pushing high-performance computing into mainstream.

Project ‘F’ is a spin-out company of NanoTronix Inc. focused in developing next-generation computing platforms around non-conventional/reconfigurable hardware. Our goal is to provide software developers with friction-free path to reconfigurable computing.

Markets: High Performance Computing, Software Defined Networks, Industrial IoT, Behavioral network traffic analysis and intelligent firewalls

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